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Safe crop mineral maximums of UK ornamental crops



  Safe crop


Phosphorous   mg/l 5
Potassium   mg/l 10
Calcium   mg/l 120
Magnesium   mg/l 24
Manganese   mg/l 2
Iron   mg/l 5
Copper   mg/l 0.2
Zinc   mg/l 5
Molybdenum   mg/l 0.02
Sulphur   mg/l 24
Sodium   mg/l 50
Bicarbonates HCO3   mg/l 100
Carbonates CaCO3   mg/l 100
Chlorides   mg/l 70
Conductivity   ÁS 900
Ammoniacal Nitrogen   mg/l 5
Nitrate Nitrogen   mg/l 10
Boron   mg/l 0.8
Sulphates   mg/l 240
Aluminium   mg/l 0.5
Flouride   mg/l 1
Sodium absobtion rate SAR     100
Total dissolved solids  TDS      
Bacteria populations   /100ml  
Suspended solids   mg/l  

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