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Last update of sheets 19-04-2019


List of Information Sheets


  Acid treatment of irrigation water

  Algae control products

  Aster yellows information sheet

  Acid calculator for irrigation water treatment Excel




  Artificial Lighting


  Ash dieback

  Beneficial Effects of Sewage

  Betanal rates

  Biological Control - Aphid

  Biological Control - Caterpillar

  Biological Control - Whitefly

  Biological Control - Leaf Hopper

  Biological Control - Leaf Miner

 Biological Control - Mealy Bug

  Biological Control - Nemaslug

  Biological Control - Scale Insect

  Biological Control - Sciarid Fly

  Biological Control - Spider Mite

  Biological Control - Thrips

  Biological Control - Vine Weevil

  Botrytis control

  Box blight

  Brown Tail moth information

  Calcium sprays


  Chemical Disposal

  Chlorine testing equipment

  Chlorine injection

  Citrus Long Horn Beetle information sheet

  Compost tea

  Conductivity Meter information

  Conifer damage

  Crown Gall susceptibile species

  Crop hierarchy

  Dangerous weeds

  Downy Mildew Broadsheet

  Drip irrigation scheduling

  Downy Mildew

  Electric Fencing Manual

  Electricity and Pylon safe distances


  Flatworm information

  Flexidor SOLA

  Flexidor - herbicide tolerance

  Fuchsia Gall Mite

  Fusarium wilt

  Glasshouse Maintenance

  Grape P & D sheet

  Green Manure Crops

  Growth regulators in nursery stock

  Growth regulator rates

  Growth regulator spreadsheet (Excel)

  Hand Lenses

  Health & Safety policy statement

  Herbicide Susceptibility Lawn Weeds

  Herbicide Susceptibility Perennial Weeds Post Emergence

  Herbicide Susceptibility Perennial Weeds Pre Planting

  Herbicide Susceptibility Annual Weeds post Emergence

  Herbicide Tolerance Alpines

  Herbicide Tolerance Container Conifers

  Cut flower herbicides before planting

  Cut flower herbicides at drilling

  Herbicide Tolerance Field Conifers

  Herbicide Tolerance Field Herbaceous

  Herbicide Tolerance Field Trees and Shrubs

  Herbicide Tolerance Herbaceous

  Herbicide Tolerance Liners

  Herbicide Tolerance Containerised Shrubs and Climbers

  Heuchera rust control

  Holding Plants back

  Hot water treatment

  Hydrangea colouring

  Iron chelates

  Irrigation prospects Feb 2022 National

  Irrigation prospects Feb 2022 Areas

  Leaf Fall

  Light meter

  Liquid Feeding information sheet

  Liquid Feeding spread sheet (Excel)

  Mains Water Systems Regulations

  Narcissus Fly

  Mains Needle Cast diseases

  Pathogenic plant nematodes

  Peach leaf curl

  Pear leaf blister mite


                  Due to the rapidly changing details please contact the office for current pesticide approvals and revocations.                  

                  We have a wide range of charts and lists available.     

                  Link to SOLA web pages

  pH Meter Information

  Phytophthora susceptible subjects

  Plant Breeders' Rights

  Plant Care on the Garden Centre

  Plant Labelling guide

  Plant Passports

  Plants disliked by rabbit and deer

  Poisonous Plant Categories

  Pollenator groups

  Powdery Mildew control products

  Pruning sealants products

  Rhodo Bud Initiation

  Ronstar - herbicide tolerance

  REG Grant scheme

  Rust control products

  Safe Use of Pesticides

  Sewage Sludge

  Scab risk periods

  Slow sand filter size calculator (Excel)

  Soil sampling proceedure

  Silver leaf diseases

  Synergol calculation spreadsheet (Excel)

  Sudan Grass information sheet

  Tank size calculator (Excel)

  Sulphur burners

  Tank sizes available with volumes (Excel)

  Temperature & Humidity meter


  Totrix moth indentification

  VAT on plants

  Vertilicillum weed hosts

  Vine weevil plant preferences

  Water sensors and loggers

  Well dipping systems

  Whitefly control


  Wind speed

  WRAP Growing media information sheet

  WRAP Peat-free buying guide


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DISS, Norfolk, IP21 4PJ, United Kingdom
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